There are two kinds of students: Those who want to do an internship and those who are forced to do an internship. Either way, you have to do an internship by the end of your college life to successfully complete your course. Then, why not do the right internship at the right place? All you have to do is some planning and that can give you a heads up in your career.

Most students are unaware of the advantages and possibilities a good internship offers. And this may be the reason that makes them reluctant to spend some on planning. Believe it or not, Internships are one of the major deciding factors when it comes to your first job. So, here we present the 10 reasons that make your college internship so important.

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1. Provides Real World Experience

The first and foremost reason for making a 3-months/6-months internship a part of your course is to give you some real world experience before you leave your college. Transition from college atmosphere to the corporate world can be difficult for most people. A good internship experience can be a great help in solving this problem. It makes you corporate-ready. You wouldn’t feel panicked when you already know what awaits you there.

2. Enhances Your Skills

You learn a lot of stuff in college, but unless you use that knowledge in a real scenario, you are not going to understand it correctly. An internship helps you to understand the practical skills required for applying your knowledge in a day-to-day problem. This, in turn, enhances your core skills.

College Internships
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The syllabus that we follow at college largely contains unwanted or outdated knowledge, thinking form a job perspective. These things are included so as to get a feel of how things evolved in time, but sadly, our examinations are more focused on them. So, a good internship will hep you understand the relevant and useful stuff and also motivate you to acquire additional skills required in your domain.

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3. Boosts Self Confidence

As I mentioned earlier, you wouldn’t feel panicked when you already know what awaits you there. Internships gives a confidence boost that enables you to take up more challenges and competitions. By constantly testing your skills and correcting your mistakes, you will become more and more prepared for your career. After all, practice makes a man perfect.

4. Builds Work Habits

A professional work culture is a lot different and complicated than your college life. Even though we have a fixed schedule and some restrictions in college, you still have your freedom. Sometimes, you will get second chances. Sometimes, you can get your deadlines extended. It is not the same in a company. You have a set of rules to follow and you won’t get second chances in most cases. A good internship exposes you to the pressures and challenges of your industry and creates positive changes in your work habits. This helps you to become more professional at work.

5. Better Time Management

This one is related to the previous point, yet it is important to mention separately. When it comes to a professional world, your work quality doesn’t matter if you cannot complete the work in time. Customer is the king and for them, time is money. Efficiency is all about doing quality work in minimum time. A real company atmosphere and experience will help you to manage your time efficiently.

6. Test Drive Your Career Plan

No industry is perfect. All of them has got their pros and cons. With your knowledge and skills, you might have more than one career option in your mind. And, you might even have your reasons to think that one is better than another. But, it is always good to watch them closely before jumping into it, isn’t it? Internships can give you such an opportunity. If you have multiple options, you can plan early and do internships in all those domains. Even if you have a single option in mind, it is good to check whether it suits your style or not. Internships are like test drives before you actually purchase your career.

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7. Networking

College Internships
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Even though we are living the Digital Era and we meet people mostly through social media, meeting people in person and building real networks has got its advantages. When you work with a famous company as an intern, your company’s reputation can help you in multiple ways to build your networks. You get to attend a lot of events and meet lot of new people, even people from other companies in your industry. Such opportunities can lead to a better job, if can make a good first impression.

And of course, meeting new people and interacting with them can provide you with new insights and perspectives about your domain.

8. College Internship Can Get Converted Into A Job

Why do companies hire interns? They are looking for a potential employee in every intern they take. Even when they select someone based on the academic performance and interview, a potential risk exists in terms of performance and professionalism. By taking interns, companies get a chance to observe and assess your performance over a time span and then the selection becomes much easier.

If you are aiming for a particular company, try to get an internship there first. You will have more chances to get that job.

9. Resume Builder

Each internship you do can convert your resume into more employer-friendly. Companies prefer experience over academic performance. You can do multiple internships during your vacations, if you plan early. The more quality internships you can add to your resume, more chances you have to get hired.

10. Make Money

And yeah, college internships can get you some money also.There are two aspects for this. Not all companies pay their interns. Actually, in our situation, very few companies do. Still, you can manage to get a good internship with some decent salary/stipend. Second option is more realistic, I must say. When you have real working experience in your domain, companies find you more useful and you can ask for a higher salary package.

That’s it guys. These are the 10 reasons that make college internships important. I can go on and add more points. But, what I want you to understand is simple: Internships are important and they are crucial in your career growth. So, take them seriously. Get some help from others if you are unable to prepare on your own. You still have got time. It is your call whether to use it wisely or not. All the very best.

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