Yeah. If you want to crack BITSAT 2017, here is FTDC’s unofficial guide to do it. This is not one of those places where they give ’50-MUST-LEARN’ questions for BITSAT 2017. Also, I am not going to tell you how to study in general, because that does not come under the scope of the current discussion. Here, however, I am going to tell you some tips and tricks that can be employed in making the BITSAT 2017 preparations easier. Let’s get started.

#1. Learn With Passion

Even though I already stated that I am not going to discuss about how to study in general, I cannot start without mentioning this point. If you are learning something, it should always be out of passion, not because some one else wants you to do it. Then only you can be sincere to what you are doing.

So, before getting started, think twice about whether this is the correct choice or not. Let us assume that you really want to do it, that you want to crack BITSAT 2017 and do an integrated program in one of the campuses. Tell yourself that you will make it, that you will crack BITSAT 2017. Be energetic and confident. Now we are all set to go.

#2. Know What You Are Preparing For

Every entrance exam will have its own peculiarities. It is a basic thing to understand your exam. Even if you are attending some coaching classes, they may be primarily focusing on your state’s Common Entrance Test or IIT-JEE exam.

So, when you are preparing for BITSAT,  you should understand the details of the exam such as the Syllabus, Question pattern, Exam Time, Total number of questions etc. I have already written an article that lists out the important facts to know about BITSAT 2017. You can refer to that article for further information.

#3. It Is Not IIT-JEE

This point actually gets covered in the previous one. But, the reason I am stating it separately is that most students make this mistake of doing the same type of preparation for both exams. But, in reality, they are not at all the same.

IIT-JEE requires an in depth knowledge of the topic to get the right answer. Once you know the fundamentals and how to apply them to solve the complications, your job is done. BITSAT on the contrary contains somewhat straightforward questions, but be careful they are extremely tricky. You may get deceived by the questions.

#4. Be Thorough With Formulas and Equations

BITSAT questions will be somewhat straightforward, which means you can solve them easily if you know the correct formula or equation to apply. SO, be thorough with them. Try to learn some advanced formulas also as it can save a lot of time and effort.

I am not telling you to by heart them without understanding the underlying concept. Of course, that will come in handy if you are going to start your preparation in the last month. But, first you should understand the concept and then if you think that this particular formula can save my time, then understand how it works and store it in your memory. You are going to need it.

#5. Speed Up

BITSAT 2016 contains more questions than IIT-JEE. So,it is evident that your average time for answering a single question decreases. So, you should practice more to be able to solve questions quickly. Use a stopwatch and see how much questions you can solve in a time span, say 30 minutes, and then repeat the procedure to improvise.

#6. Manage Your Time

You have 4 sections and 3 hours to solve questions from all these sections in BITSAT 2017. But you should not divide time equally for all the sections. English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning does not need much calculations so you should aim to finish that in 30 minutes. Chemistry also involves comparatively less calculations so you can spend 35-40 minutes on that.

You should solve all your mathematics problems in 1 hour. That leaves you with 50 minutes for the Physics part. If your choice is Biology, then you won’t need 1 hour for finishing that section and hence you can devote more time for the remaining three.

#7. English And Reasoning

Students often make the mistake of neglecting the English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning part and they suffer a lot when they appear for the exams. You may think that English and Reasoning are comparatively easy and you shouldn’t waste time on those. But, they are important part of the exam.

If you don’t have enough practice, you are going to loose a lot of time on them. So, get used to all the question types in this section and thus help yourself for scoring more marks.

#8. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Last but not the least, try to practice a lot with the help of standard text materials, previous year question papers and mock tests. It is very crucial that you do some online mock tests. Otherwise, even if you can solve 150 questions in 3 hours using pen and paper method, you won’t be able to make it in the online test.

So, that’s it. From my own experience, cracking an entrance exam is not about learning as much as you can, but is about understanding the test pattern and preparing accordingly. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask them in the comment box. We will be happy to help you any time. For getting the syllabus for BITSAT 2017, refer to the foloowing links:

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BITSAT 2016 Syllabus Part 4: Mathematics

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Wish you all the very best for your preparation and the exams. Hope you can crack BITSAT 2017.