Are you that person who love to travel a lot, explore new places and discover the new wonders they offer? Are you that person who never feels content when it comes to exploring new destinations? Are you that person who loves to learn about the geographical and cultural aspects of new places? Are you that person who loves to be in touch with nature all the time? Are you that person who always hate be inside the four walls of building and sacrifice anything to be out in the wild? Well, I have a perfect career option to suggest, if you are in one of the above mentioned categories. A career in Travel and Tourism can offer you all these.

Finding the dream career is always a tough fight. Even when you identify your dream career, a lot of hurdles will be present in your journey to the finishing point. It is no different when it comes to a career in Travel and Tourism. When you think about a career in travel and tourism in India. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? A tour operator? A travel guide? A driver?? And you might thing these are the jobs that people do when they have no better option.

No. It is not like that. Let me tell you one thing. There is nothing wrong with being a tour operator or a driver or a travel guide. In fact, these jobs can sometimes get you more money that any other government or private job you could find. But, these are not the only options when you think about a career in travel and tourism in India. This article is dedicated to exploring them. And we are going to start right away.

Why choose a Career in Travel and Tourism in India?

Tourism is a booming industry around the world. As per World Travel & Tourism Council, there will be over 29.6 million jobs in the Indian travel & tourism industry, by 2026.[source] Hardworking and passionate youngsters  can rise to top positions very quickly in travel and tourism. They can even start their own businesses. A job in the industry gives good returns as well as perks including opportunity to see many locales at low prices.

Like any other industry, you have to do your research well before choosing a career in travel and tourism in India. If not, you won’t be able to enjoy what you do and might end up hating it. The biggest advantage a career in travel and tourism can offer you is that you can earn money doing what you love to do.

How to build a career in Travel and Tourism in India?

Whenever we think about a career, our first thought will be about institutes that teach us everything from A to Z about that field. This is the conventional approach and this may not be practical in all circumstances. There are some jobs which requires a certified course and there are also career opportunities that needs nothing but passion and commonsense. I will be talking about both options in this article and each one requires a different approach.

career in travel and tourism in India Nasif NM

Nasif NM is a startup evangelist and avid traveler from Bangalore. He sees tourism sector as an area with great potential. He shared his views on the career opportunities in Travel and Tourism in India with “There are many career prospects in tourism sector as job opportunities exist both in the public and private sector. In public sector, the opportunities lie in working with the Department of Tourism at the centre and state, as officers, information assistants etc. and in private sector Tourism professionals can work with Travel Agencies, Hotels, Transport, Tour Operators, Holiday Consultants, Tour Coordinator, or even become a Travel entrepreneur.”

Career Choices in Travel and Tourism in India?

Travel Agency

There are already a large number of big and small travel agencies in the country and the number will keep increasing. Do you know why? It is just because people are earning more and moreover they are willing to pay more on travel. Whether it is a family trip, a college tour or an office outing, people are depending on tour planners more than ever. This makes it a hot choice for people with the right skills and money to invest. The different jobs you can find in this category are travel agent, tour planner, tour guide, customer relation executive etc. The existence of other fields such as hotels and restaurants, taxi services, home stays, airlines, houseboats, medical tourism etc are closely linked to this one field.

Hotel Industry

Hotel industry is primarily a service industry, which serves the basic requirements of food and accommodation to travelers. But, from the recent trends in this area, we can say that it is growing in a much bigger fashion. Operations, Front office, House keeping, Food and Beverages, Accounting, Maintenance, Sales, Public relations and Security are some of the fields that you can find a job in hotel industry.

Travel Blogging

Travel blogging offers many possibilities. You can select a niche and focus on that. Or you can blog about anything related to travel and tourism industry. It offers various other possibilities also. You can roam around cities and countries and write about them, do video reviews and live the life of a true wanderer. You can get paid for staying in the best hotels and resorts and write reviews for them, staying in which otherwise would cost you a lot of money. You can do blogging as a part time or full time job. I won’t even call it a job!

career in travel and tourism in India Sujith Bhakthan

Sujith Bhakthan, travel blogger at Tech Travel Eat says: “Those who are very much passionate about travel can make money from their passion by taking blogging as a career.” He loves to travel and he has traveled a lot. But, he turned his attention to travel blogging very recently and admits that he should have started doing this much earlier. “I am very much passionate about traveling and I have a huge collection of photos, videos and stories of my trips. I still regret that I have become too late to get into this travel blogging.”

Tony John, who is a full time blogger and founder at Indian Travel Blog says: “I have been blogging about technology and education since 1998 but my perspective about blogging changed after I started last year. Until then, I have been depending on Google AdSense and a few other ad networks to monetize my blog traffic. But the travel blog opened up several other opportunities in front of me.”

“In addition to the fun involved in travelling around, the travel blog opens opportunities to partner with travel agencies, hotels, resorts, home stays, cab services, lead generation business etc. I’m still in the beginning stages with the travel blog but I have already signed up with many hospitality service providers to generate leads for them and monetize the same. While most other blogs depend purely on advertising revenue, travel blogging has a lot of opportunities in the hospitality business. ”

career in travel and tourism in India Tony John

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is one of the important area when it comes to tourism in India. A large fraction of international tourists visit India to benefit from our traditional medicines and treatments. The government is very supportive in establishing new initiatives in the sector. You can become a masseur/ masseuse or start an ayurvedic spa on your own. Home stays are also nowadays coming to this field. Small home stays which provide the traditional food varieties and treatment are gaining more interest.


You can either be a ground staff or in flight staff. Both ways, you need to complete some professional course to qualify for the job. Apart from working as Air hostess/ Stewards, you can look into the sectors like Traffic Assistance, Reservation and Counter Staff etc.


Apart from airlines, travelers require rail services, tourist buses, car taxis and water transport to go from one place to another. All this is take care by the ones handling transport. You can either provide the service yourselves or you can act as a mediator/agent.

Tour Guides

Tour guides are people who have ample knowledge about various travel destinations and help the travelers understand the historical, social, geographical as well as cultural significance of the place they visit. You can either serve as a field guide escorting tourists or you can share your information through an online medium. An experienced and skilled tour guide is hard to find even today. Being a tour guide can help you make a lot of money, if you know what you do and are good at it.

Home stays and Small resort projects

You can even invest and earn money in Tourism by converting the extra space you have into a nice home stay, if you are close to some tourist attractions. Another thing is that, it is always not necessary to make huge investments. You can start small and maintain it as a secondary income source. Later, when you think that it is time to go big, you can focus on that. Anybody can start such initiatives if you have the right marketing skills and some extra time to spend. You can use social media to attract more customers to your venture without spending any money on it.

An excellent example is Shyamlal T. Pushpan, who is the owner of Corona Institute of Technology in Kottayam and a tech enthusiast. He owns a small summer home near Kuttikkanam and has converted it into a nice home stay, Thusharam. He says: “The idea of the Thushaaram , which was the name of our house itself, is that you can treat it as your home itself . It is not a serviced villa with all those artificial hospitality persons around you to pamper you . It can be just treated as your summer home away from your home.”

career in travel and tourism in India Shyamlal T Pushpan

“As a person working in IT industry , I never thought of tourism or hospitality industry as a career. I am planning to do a full revamp of the property and keep the place engaged with visitors so that the place will be live and we will get a return of investment for the money we are spending on the house.”, he adds. This can be considered as model if you have a building or house which is not being used currently and is situated in some area of interest.

Travel Counselor

A travel counselor is one who works in touch with customers and provide information about all the aspects of a trip or tour package. He provides complete guidance on travel and ensures best value out of individual and group bookings. He also provides destination guidance and direction on accommodation, transport and costs.

Skills Required for a career in Travel and Tourism in India

The skills for different jobs can be different. But, there are these common and basic skills that every individual aspiring for a career in travel and tourism must possess.

  • Good communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Passion for travel
  • A reasonable knowledge of Indian and world geography
  • Service Orientation
  • Working Odd hours/ long hours

Major Institutions and Courses

There are a large number of part-time and full-time courses offered by government as well as private institutions. I will discuss further about them in another article soon. It will be a complete guide of all the courses currently available in the domain in India.

This article is a humble attempt to consolidate all the details an individual need for starting a career in travel and tourism in India. I know that I couldn’t cover everything. But, I consider this as a decent start. If you need further information regarding any of the topics or career counselling, feel free to drop a comment and we will be there to help you. All the best wishes for a bright future.