Getting an internship at Google is not an easy task. Still, it is not impossible too. With the right amount of knowledge and hard work, you can crack the interview easily. The most important thing to succeed is to be prepared for what you are about to do. This article will help you to prepare for Google Business Internship 2017.

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Doing Your Homework

Before you even start, you should be completely aware about what you are applying for. Collect as much as information about Google Business Internship 2017 and try to understand everything in detail.

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Try also to read the experiences shared by people who have worked as Interns at Google and understand how it is to be an intern at Google. I would suggest this blog post by Evan Carmi in his blog as a good start.

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Creating The Perfect Resume

Do you know that most recruiters spend only an average of seven seconds glancing at your resume? What does it mean? You have to make it brief and relevant. Try not to fill your resume with all the unnecessary information that recruiters do not even care to read. Go through the job description and pick the keywords used in it. Use the same keywords in your resume. Your resume should reflect what you are capable of and how you can be the perfect choice for the position you are applying for.

Online Presence Matters

During the past few years, applicant’s online presence has emerged as one of the top deciding factors in job interviews. Maintain a good online presence and you will have more chances to get selected. Use Social Media creatively and effectively. Actively use your twitter and Quora accounts. Start and maintain a blog. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. All these can be the deciding factor in getting your dream internship at Google.

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Side Projects are valuable than your GPA

Be involved in as many projects as you can while you study. Your GPA is important, but it is of no use if you haven’t used your knowledge and skills in some challenging projects. Also, try to give importance to such projects in your resume.

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Practice for the Interviews

If you want to get your Google Business Internship 2017, or any other internship for that matter, how you perform at the interview plays a crucial role. Practice for your interview. Prepare a list of expected questions and get your answers ready. A great number of articles are available which will help you to prepare for the interviews. Go through them and choose what you think will work. After all, it is you who have to perform at the interview.

Show Who You Really Are

This is very important. Don’t fake. Don’t lie. Show who you really are. If you don’t know something, admit it. Show them that you are passionate about what you do and that’s all it needs.

I hope this article was helpful. Start preparing for your Google Business Internship 2017 now and I wish you all the very best.

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